Website Redesign & Maintenance (Updates)

You may already have a website and have been quite happy with it. But as time goes by and technology changes you realise that your website is now out of date or the information you have on it no longer applies or needs changing.

Even if you already have a website we can help with maintainance or redesign so that it is mobile-friendly and be accessible to all customer on all devices.

Your website might be years old and have out of date information.

You might not be able to find your old web designer or they have closed their business.

These situations, and more, are not a problem for us.

Whatever you need we can help. Just contact us to discuss your requirements.

Please take a moment to view our Portfolio of designs we have created for local businesses.

Over 50% of traffic on the internet is on a mobile device and half of all emails are opened on a smartphone or mobile device. If your website is not working on the latest smartphones or mobile devices, no problem, we can transform your existing to be a mobile-ready responsive design.

No job too small. We will work with you to meet all your website needs.

Here is an example of a recent website redesign we have undertaken. Their new website is mobile-friendly - looks and responds great on a smart phone.

Website Before (on Desktop browser)

Website After (on Desktop browser)

Old Website (on smartphone)

You cannot read the text without zooming in which results in the need to scroll from left to right.
New Website (on smartphone)

The menu collapses to give more screen space. The user can view the menu by tapping the show menu button. The text is readable without zooming or scrolling.
The Finished Website - on all devices

Responsive Website Example

Please contact us to discuss your requirements.